Do machines auto restart on updating config?

Once I push an updated image to this endpoint, what do I need to do to apply that new config? Does it automatically apply the config or do I need to manually restart the machine to get the changes to apply?

You actually need to update a machine when you change the image, even if you reuse the same label (like latest).

This is because we resolve an Image URL to an absolute hash value. Docker labels can point at different underlying images, so when you run machine update or machine create we do this resolution, then ignore the label.

Machines almost never do anything based on outside factors. Once they’re running, we try to keep them running. The result is that you need to do more stuff manually (like apply an updated image).

I think what @kurt is saying here is that just pushing a new image does not update any machines using that image (even if it’s the same tag).

However, if you manually update a machine config with a new image (using the api you lined to) then those changes are automatically applied and you don’t have to call “restart” on the machine for those changes to be applied.

Am I correct @kurt ?

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Yes, that’s more clear than my word salad. :slight_smile:

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