Do dedicated ipv4 address on fly machines ensure that outgoing requests from that machine originate from that ip?

Hi! I’m keen on purchasing multiple dedicated ipv4 addresses on my machines and I just wanted to clarify its behavior. My goal is to bypass some ip rate limits on an api, and would making multiple machines with multiple dedicated ipv4 solve that? Thanks!

No, dedicated IPs are currently just inbound; outbound connections generated within the Machine connect from an IP shared with all other Machines on the host server.

Work is underway to change this behavior; stay tuned.

Hi John! Appreciate the reply, any ETA on this would be very appreciated. Additionally are there any known work arounds?

Hi @vasalius,

One workaround would be to launch a VM on a third-party provider that supports dedicated IPs and run something like Stripe’s Smokescreen proxy as an outbound proxy. With that setup, your app can connect to the Smokescreen VM through a private WireGuard tunnel to prevent leaking any traffic to the public Internet.

Another option is a service like Fixie that does the above in a SaaS fashion.


  • Daniel

Hello thanks for the reply! If third party provider supports dedicated IP then wouldn’t it be wise to just migrate to that provider instead of run third party provider + fly? Took a look at fixie and seems like it won’t make much cost wise because we send requests twice per minute everyday on multiple machines - cost would easily balloon over just having a proper outbound ip.

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