Django static and media files

Deployed my site built on Django but static and media files are not showing. Tried a bunch of options, but still the does not display them. Give advice - what to do.

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Generally the first place to look would be the logs to see if any errors are shown there. That can often reveal simple issues such as file not found, invalid paths etc. Run fly logs from the app’s folder, and see if that shows anything.

If not … have you followed Fly’s docs for deploying Django? For example Getting Started · Fly Docs

If you have, maybe compare your app to other Django apps deployed to Fly and see what differs. For example here is a random one: GitHub - katiayn/katias-blog: Kátia's Blog: Django Girls Tutorial Blog deployed to

Thank you!
The static files began to be approved only after I added the whitenoise module to the Django project
But I still have a problem with media files - it remains to configure them

Kate also used this module-whitenoise to display static files. Unfortunately, she does not use media files separately), but anyway thanks

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