Deployments running out of space

I’ve been getting this evening CET time this error, not sure whether it’s due to my local machine getting out of space, or the remote server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

[INFO] Discovering process types
[INFO] Procfile declares types -> web, worker
Adding layer 'heroku/ruby:env'
Adding layer 'heroku/ruby:gems'
Adding layer 'heroku/ruby:ruby'
ERROR: failed to export: caching layer (sha256:8b036ecae6a17ea99815424920e286d1b3e0f98e0d3747b29e4e5fb87834ea58): write /launch-cache/staging/sha256:8b036ecae6a17ea99815424920e286d1b3e0f98e0d3747b29e4e5fb87834ea58.tar: copy_file_range: no space left on device
Error executing lifecycle: failed with status code: 246

That means the Docker daemon we’re using to build is out of space, which could be either local or remote.

You will see messaging about using remote builder fly-builder-<name> in the logs if it’s using our remote builder. The simplest thing to do is fly apps delete -a fly-builder-<name>, which will start you with a fresh disk. This is something we’ll automate soon, I’m sorry you’re running into it!

If it’s not using a remote builder, you will likely need to run something like docker system prune --volumes to clean up the Docker junk that’s left around.

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Thank you, @kurt. Community and Customer support is always on point!

Pruned my local Docker daemon, and now we are back in business.