Deployment not switching to newer build

I have an application that I am trying to deploy and up until today it’s been working mostly fine.

However, today it gets stuck at deploying when trying to switch over to the newer build. It seems to not be getting a healthcheck response as in monitoring it only shows 1 desired, 0 placed, 0 healthy, 0 unhealthy indefinitely.

In any case, the newer builds just seems to be hanging there and when looking at activity I can only see the newer version as having a gray coloring instead of the green which shows successful deploy.

I have tried to change strategy to both rolling and immediate without any change.
I have also destroyed the builder, also without any change in behaviour

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I have the same issue. VMs fe6fdc00, 0b635a94, 27d7cdca are pending with 8b85a642 running and the first one having a desired status of run

I’m experiencing the same issue after yesterday’s incident.

I do not know if it is relevant but I only have the problem with an app having a volume attached. The other one seems to be working just fine.

Creating a new app from scratch does not help that much since I am waiting for v0 to get deployed for quite a while now

I recreated my app at the same region (Sweden) as the previous one. Sweden deployment did not succeed.

Recreated everything in lax (LA/US) and now it works

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