Deploy stuck for 20+ minutes and monitoring logs are not updating

I’m trying to deploy a very minor change to my app. The deploy failed and a rollback deployment was automatically created but it failed to get past “pending” for about ten minutes. I tried firing off another deploy and it has similarly failed to get past “pending”

The monitoring logs for my app haven’t updated since the app stopped for my first deploy.

I don’t see a deployment issue in the Status page. Is there something more I can do to troubleshoot or get my application back online?

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I added another volume in another region and scaled to a count of 2 to bring up a second instance. That’s gotten my app back online at least.


The status page has since been updated. There is an ongoing issue by the looks of it:

Sounds like you are up and running again now but that would explain the earlier problem :frowning:.

Sorry about that, we had some issues with v1 apps this afternoon. We’ve implemented a fix and are monitoring.

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Still happening here - I’m at 10 minutes on a docker build at the moment. I’ll wait until later tonight, I guess.