Deploy requires 'nomad'

I’m seeing the following when I flyctl deploy:
Error This operation requires the ‘nomad’ app platform. This app was created for the ‘machines’ platform.

I haven’t changed anything in my toml, or touched my app at all besides calling flyctl deploy (didn’t use API, didn’t use Fly website). It was deploying fine earlier today. What do I need to do to fix this, and why am I seeing it all of a sudden?

@judson did you get an email about your app being auto-migrated? If so, you’re probably deploying with a v1 fly.toml. If that’s the problem, you can run fly config save to pull in a current, v2-compatible fly.toml and then try deploying again.

See this thread for more.


I upgraded my flyctl client and now it is not giving me that error (instead, a different OOM error - but farther along in the process at least).

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