Deleting a single file from a Rails app / seeding from csv in a safe way

Basically, I have some data exported from an old db in csv files. Since there is some sensitive info in them, is there a way to delete the csv-s from project directory after seeding the database? (As I understand it I need to issue the rails db:seed command inside the fly.toml under [deploy], so the files need to be available inside the project directory). Maybe I’m looking at it from a wrong angle so any advice is welcome. Tnx

Since seeding will happen only once, it might be easier to run the seed command manually over SSH. Use fly ssh console then rails db:seed. Once that’s done, you can remove the CSV from your project and redeploy.

However, older images may still be in our private repository containing the CSV. Only you can access these images, but it’s worth noting.

Tnx Joshua. I will do that.