decoding error with `flyctl scale show`

Whenever I run

flyctl scale show -a $APP_NAME

results in an error

Error decoding response: json: cannot unmarshal number into Go struct field GraphQLError.Errors.Path of type string

This just started happening for me some time today. It happened while I was on CLI v0.0.478, and after I upgraded to CLI v0.0.480.

Will you run LOG_LEVEL=debug flyctl scale show -a $APP_NAME and share the output? That should include the graphql response that includes more information about the error (a separate response parsing error is hiding the underlying issue).

We also need to fixup our graphql error handling in flyctl. We’ll get on that.

Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t share with you the output for the error because the error stopped happening :rofl:

If it pops up again, I’ll run the command with the debug var and share the results here.

Thanks! We had a short period today where our graphql backend had some issues. We quickly rolled back. I suspect this is the issue you encountered.

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