DB suspended without notice

It looks like the db got suspended but I don’t know why.

In other threads they were saying to run fly machines start machine-id but when I run flyctl machines list -a app-name to get the machine id, it returns a message saying: “No machines are available on this app”.

Did the db get removed? I didn’t receive any notification about that. We are running the free version.

How to make the db up again? Is there any backup?

Yikes… Try looking for surviving volumes:

$ fly vol list -a db-app-name

Also, check the dashboard for personalized status messages, if you haven’t been through there recently.

(And this other recent thread might provide more context about backups.)

Hope this helps a little!

Added databases, volumes

@mayailurus nothing gets returned when running fly vol list. Does that mean there’s no way to recover it?

Sorry that didn’t pan out…

I would leave the DB application itself around, in case this is some sort of metadata glitch that Fly can reverse internally. It’s surprising this one wasn’t accompanied by a status message about a hardware failure, though.

Maybe try fly vol list on all of your other apps and organizations, on the off chance it was relocated there?

The Grafana charts might also at least give a hint about when it disappeared…

Looking at the app logs it shows that it lost db connection on 2024-04-09 and never recovered from it.

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