customizable credit amounts?

I have a small pile of gift cards with roughly-negligible (~$1) balances left on them that I would like to put to some use. I notice that has a prepaid credit system, but It seems like the minimum amount of credits that can be purchased is $25. I intend to mostly stay within free tier limits until my app requires scaling beyond that and would like to have a small ($1-2) buffer of credits before (presumably) my credit card will be auto-charged.

I tried setting up this gift card as the card on my account but it was not accepted - probably because it is a gift card. Is there a way I can empty the remaining balance of this card into my account so it doesnt go to waste?

Hi Adrian,

As of right now there isn’t a way to be able to empty the remaining balance since it’s less than $25.00 but if the gift card did have $25.00 or more then the gift card should be able to complete the purchase of credits through

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