Custom domain not working

I have a Phoenix application for which I want to set up a custom domain. I have done this configuration for other applications before, but in this case, it doesn’t want to work for me.

I have already done the configuration using the A and AAA records, in addition to the CNAME _acme-challenge, but it does not work.

The certificate for has not been issued yet.

Hostname                  =
DNS Provider              = cloudflare
Certificate Authority     = Let's Encrypt
Issued                    =
Added to App              = 40 minutes ago
Source                    = fly
You are creating a certificate for
We are using Let's Encrypt for this certificate.

You can configure your DNS for by:

1: Adding an CNAME record to your DNS service which reads:


Something striking is that I am using dnsimple, but with the command flyctl certs show cloudflare appears.

The same problem I have with the work-logs application.

Any solution?

The nameservers for your domain do appear to be pointed to cloudflare:

lillian ~ % dig NS +short

lillian ~ % whois

are the dnsimple nameservers correctly set with your domain registrar?

I would think so, just copy and paste the info Fly provided me in the credentials section.

A	66.***.***.***	 
AAAA	2a09:****:*::**:***	 
CNAME	_acme-challenge.*********

Strangely dig NS +short returns cloudflare, but I have dnsimple as provider.


I have my Secondary DNS configured with:

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