cron-manager command read env vars

How to read env vars in command section in schedules.json file in cron-manager.

Here’s the test json I am using

    "name": "test-job",
    "app_name": "cron-manager-test-komal",
    "schedule": "* * * * *",
    "region": "ord",
    "command": "echo ${HELLO_WORLD_TOKEN}",
    "command_timeout": 60,
    "enabled": true,
    "config": {
      "metadata": {
        "fly_process_group": "cron"
      "env": {
        "HELLO_WORLD_TOKEN": "test_token"
      "auto_destroy": true,
      "disable_machine_autostart": true,
      "guest": {
        "cpu_kind": "shared",
        "cpus": 1,
        "memory_mb": 512
      "image": "curlimages/curl:8.7.1",
      "restart": {
        "max_retries": 1,
        "policy": "no"

It just prints - ${HELLO_WORLD_TOKEN} right now

Hey there,

To answer your question directly, you can do something like this:

command: "printenv \"HELLO_WORLD_TOKEN\"" 

This is pretty limiting though and escaping complex commands can be pretty annoying. That being the case, I would recommend creating a custom image that holds your pre-defined scripts and use the command field to call them directly.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and or feedback on this.

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Thanks for this.

This works but for simple commands like curl, it would be great if we could have it in json command param itself

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