Credit card needed to launch new apps


On my previous account I was able to deploy new apps without any problems, but I had some problems with persistent storage (I figured it out later after I deleted that account). When I tried to launch a new app from this account, I got the following error:

"Error We need your payment information to continue! Add a credit card or buy credit:".

I didn’t have to add a credit card on my previous account. Problem is that I’m not 18 yet. I don’t have any payment method, but I really need for some of my personal projects.
I don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

@Edoni1 What about picking up a prepaid Visa / Mastercard from your local supermarket? Chuck $10 on it and you’ll be good to go

I’ll be 18 next year and then I’ll buy a new card, but I really need now. What bothers me is that on my previous account (which I recently created and deleted after) I was easily able to launch new apps without one. Now I can’t. That sucks :frowning:

Kurt talked about why they instituted the credit card requirement here: Yes, this. We ( get a lot of abuse from users with stolen credit cards, t... | Hacker News

It’s one of the best fraud prevention techniques available right now.