Connections hard limit when limit is not configured?

I’m seeing this in my logfile:

2021-09-11T11:42:25.343136961Z proxy[5882ce10] ams [warn] Instance reached connections hard limit of 25

However, I have not configured a hard_limit. Is this part of the free instance type?

Soft: 20 and hard: 25 are the default if none are present. If you don’t want a hard limit you’ll need to set a very high number.

Edit: surely there’s a limit. Nothing is unlimited :slight_smile:

Refs services.concurrency for free tier - #8 by jake

Thank you. It would be worth mentioning in the docs that the free tier (or any tier really) has this default limit even when its not configured and even when autoscaling is disabled.

Good point.

How did you configure your limits? Just a soft limit or no limits? If it’s the former, it shouldn’t have let you deploy, could be a bug.

I think the limits are documented, but it’s likely not easy to find.

No limits. The limits themselves are documented but there‘s no mention of them being defaults and how they relate to autoscaling or much more not autoscaling :wink: