Connecting to Rails console hangs

When I connect to the Rails console from my command line, I have recently been experiencing some strange connection issues…

I run the following command but the console just hangs and never finishes connecting: fly ssh console --config fly.production.toml -C '/app/bin/rails console'

I originally thought it was a memory issue (thread) because after a few attempts, I get a “server crashed due to being OOM” email, but I have since bumped it to 2GB and it’s still failing to connect.

Strangely, if I first run fly ssh console --config fly.production.toml and then proceed to run ./app/bin/rails/console it actually works…

Anyone know what is going wrong with my -C command?

You will now need to pass a --pty flag to run rails console. See: Dockerfiles and fly.toml · Fly Docs . This is a recent change.

Wow! Thanks for the fast response! Worked like a charm.

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