Concerned about energy crisis affecting Fly EU regions

News coming out of the EU, such as from Germany, suggest that energy cuts may hit the commercial/industrial sector especially hard in order to keep citizens warm in the coming months. Can someone from Fly comment on any mitigation plans or whether specific regions might be adversely affected?

Has anyone else taken any steps to plan for this possibility, on Fly or other infrastructure platforms?

The datacenters we run in are critical infrastructure, so it’s wildly unlikely that they’ll experience involuntary power cuts.

If they did, though, they’d be fine. The datacenters we use have multiple levels of power reduncancy – batteries to handle short term outages, and generators to handle longer term outages. These provide the same level of power as the grid.

They also keep generator fuel on site (and soon, fuel cells), enough to operate the entire facility for a few days. And they have long term contracts to source emergency fuel. They can effectively run forever in the event of a power grid failure.

The effect on us is most likely to be an increase in power costs. It’ll take a while to happen, though, our providers all have long term power contracts in effect.


Thank you Kurt! Appreciate the response.