Clarification on pricing

On the pricing page, it says “Resources included for free on all plans: 160GB outbound data transfer”. Is that per month?

Lower down on the same page, it says the free tier in North America gets “100GB per month free” outbound data transfer. Which one is it, 160GB or 100GB?

My reading of the pricing page is:

NA/EU 100GB per month free
APAC 30GB per month free
IN 30 GB per month free

100GB for NA/EU + 60GB for the rest = 160GB per month free.

If this is the case - both statements (100GB NA/EU & 160GB) can be true.

So… 160GB per month free if I live in all three areas at once?? Am I understanding that right?

I now understand the confusion… the pricing does not relate to where you are located - but where your Fly apps send their traffic (to your users).

For example, 30GB of free traffic to users in* India.

*I’m guessing Fly measure this (TBC) at their edge - if your app’s traffic exits via a Fly India POP(Chennai?) it will count in the free “India” 30GB allocation/$0.12 per GB after that.