Challenge 5: Latency?

Hey there,

First off, thanks for the challenge, it’s insanely fun.

Regarding 5c, we are asked to improve latency. Yet, in the results, it’s not really clear to me where I should look to get the latency numbers (compared to challenge 3, for example).

Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the challenges.

Good question regarding latency. There are two graphs that Maelstrom generates in store/kafka/$TIMESTAMP called latency-raw.png and latency-quantiles.png. Those should give you a better idea of where your latency occurs on different message types.

Mmh, yeah, I saw those. In my humble opinion, there are a bit difficult to read… I mean, compared to having the percentiles being explicit in the outputs compared to the previous challenges. But, alright, thanks for the answer :pray: .