Challenge 3d: latency

Hi, I have a question regarding challenge 3d

From the challenge description

We will increase our node count to 25 and add a delay of 100ms to each message to simulate a slow network

When I ran the test command for this challenge, this is what I got

:stable-latencies {0 0, 0.5 81, 0.95 97, 0.99 99, 1 105}

I thought all operations will be added 100ms, so why do I get almost all below 100ms?

Thanks for your help, and thanks for creating such fun challenges!

I had a similar question about the Topology at maelstrom challenge: request to implement topology and then ignore it is very confusing.. It is impossible with the cluster of the offered size (25 nodes), given grid topology (no direct messages, 5x5) and the latency constraints of 100ms min with n^2 to achieve required latencies.

It looks like some details are just undersaid and omitted. For interviews even for good. But that’s totally confusing.

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