can't update my app(


Sorry, to worry you, but it almost has taken me two weeks to realise, how can I update my app??

I just needed, to change some pieces of code in my app, and then tried to deploy it (sudo fly deploy)!

But nothing works((

It only shows me that the deploying is going… and nothing changes… I wait for 800 seconds… nothing(

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See the related thread Fly build hangs sending context to docker daemon ([internal] load remote build context timeout).

Thank you!

But sadly, it gives me an error like this: failed to fetch an image or build from source: docker is unavailable to build the deployment image …

What can that be?

The docker service should be running on your machine to build docker images locally.
Check if docker is installed and the docker service is running using systemctl status docker.

Thank you!!!
Everything works)) you have made my day :wink: