Can't see new Postgres DB

Used fly launch to launch a Phoenix app, and it doesn’t appear that the postgres cluster I created on fly launch was attached to my account:

$ fly postgres list
No postgres clusters found

The Phoenix app also can’t connect to the DB.

When I try to create a new DB with the same name, it fails saying the DB exists… On fly launch the fly CLI indicated it was created so I’m not sure how to proceed here…

I’ve managed to manually unset the DB URL secret and manually created + attached a new PSQL DB, but I’m concerned I have a floating Postgres DB attached to my account that I can’t manage and will get charged for…

Hi… Try:

fly apps list  # `apps` instead of `postgres`, to cast a wider net.

If it’s there, it can be removed via fly app destroy db-app-name.

There is also a preview on the dashboard, under “Current month so far”, that will give you advance warning of upcoming charges.

(It updates every day or so, in my experience.)

Hope this helps!