Can't Push Images in the Morning

I can’t deploy my application in the morning because the image push stalls.

I’m in the Sydney region and it happens consistently around 9am - 11am AEDT. The only solution I’ve found is to try again in the evening and it works.

The docker image is quite large at 1.163gb but I can’t reduce it any further.

It pushes steadily until the 500mb mark, where it stalls for a bit, picks up again until 800mb, stalls then stalls a few more times until it pushes the whole image… then it says retrying where it starts again.

I’m using the remote-only option when deploying but it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

This morning the 1st retry succeeded (probably because I started typing this message) but it frequently fails so I thought I’d finally raise it.

Thank you

Big images are pretty flakey the farther you get from Virginia. We are working on this, the fix is to run regional registry storage (it’s silly that your image is saved in us-east). It’s not a small change, however, so give us some time.

Thanks Kurt.

Good to know it’s on the radar.

I’ll continue retrying and deploying in the evening until then.


@kurt will there be any plans in the future to expose the lit of images users have pushed? Just wondering on this, or are the old images nuked from existence once a new one is deployed?