Can't connect to or restart postgres

I’m trying to connect to, or restart, my postgres instance. But anything in the command line fails: fly status -a <project-name> and fly pg restart -a <project-name> result in Error failed to list VMs: request returned non-2xx status, 500. I can’t see a way to restart the instance through the dashboard, so I feel out of options — is there another way to connect to or restart the instance?

Hi @barronwebster, we’re actively working on an this issue now.

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The fix has been deployed to the underlying host where your Pg machine is running. Please try again and let us know if the issue remains.

Yep, it appears to be working again. Thanks!

Actually, it seems like now I can restart postgres, but it’s still not healthy — the logs seem to indicate it’s still having trouble connecting to the app. I’m seeing this error when restarting the postgres machine:
cmd/keeper.go:1041 error retrieving cluster data {"error": "Unexpected response code: 500"}
followed by repeated
LOG: could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

And the logs on the app side just indicate all requests are timing out:
iad [error] timed out while connecting to instance over and over