Can't connect to my database

I’m trying to connect to my pg database on I create db, and on my windows pc installed wireGuard, but I still can’t connect to it. Every time i try i get anpsql: error: could

not translate host name “eduo-db.internal” to address: Unknown hostd error saying:

Idk what to do.
Thank you in advance.

WireGuard + Windows is a little brittle with DNS, so it’s likely that it can’t figure out the IP for eduo-db.internal.

You can use our CLI to forward the port to your local system:

fly proxy 5432 -a eduo-db

Then connect to localhost:5432 and you should be good to go. If you already have something listening on port 5432, you can run this instead:

fly proxy 15432:5432 -a eduo-db

Then connect to localhost:15432.