Can't access LDAP server.

:wave: I’m using to host an instance of “Authentik”, which provides a built-in LDAP server. While I’m not super familiar with the technical workings of LDAP, it seems that the URI LDAP tools expect must be ldap://<subdomain> (or equivalent). Even though I’ve told my Fly app to expose port 389, I haven’t been able to connect using ldapsearch nor nslcd.

From my minimal understanding, LDAP can technically operate of TCP/UDP, but swapping in tcp:// for ldap:// when doing ldapsearch causes parsing errors.

Is there any way I can configure a instance to use the proper ports (389/636)/protocols?

Here’s the relevant part of my fly.toml:

  internal_port = 3389
  # protocol = "tcp"
  processes = ["server"]

    hard_limit = 100
    soft_limit = 50
    type       = "connections"

    port = 389

From my understanding, this should read as: “map the container’s port 3389 to host port 389, which will also be publicly available.” Is this correct?

Also, I checked, with nmap, that port 389 is open – it is indeed.

Regarding your post, I believe you have it correct. I have Fly app running on multiple ports; the tricky part for me personally was defining multiple ports.

Unrelated: I was searching here for “Authentik” out of curiosity. I’d really like to get it deployed but just haven’t had the time to really investigate how to do so (since the documentation shows instructions for docker-compose.yml style installation). Do you have any advice on that? Maybe I could create a separate post.