cannot connect or deploy new builds

Since today I can neither connect via Wireguard (using the macos app or using the fly cli)

“fly doctor” gives me the following error (I am using the latest version)

❯ fly doctor
Testing authentication token... PASSED
Testing flyctl agent... PASSED
Testing local Docker instance... Nope
Pinging WireGuard gateway (give us a sec)... FAILED
(Error: ping gateway: no response from gateway received)

We can't establish connectivity with WireGuard for your personal organization.

WireGuard runs on 51820/udp, which your local network may block.

If this is the first time you've ever used 'flyctl' on this machine, you
can try running 'flyctl doctor' again.

new deployments also fail

❯ fly deploy --remote-only
==> Verifying app config
--> Verified app config
==> Building image
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: error connecting to docker: failed building options: failed probing "<>": context deadline exceeded

Interestingly I have this problem only on 1 of my 2 applications hosted on fly

Not sure what region this is, but given the mention of udp it may be related to this open issue:

Maybe try again once that’s resolved.

region: FRA
Hi greg, it started working again an hour ago for me :+1:

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