Cannot connect a second app to mysql instance

I have a mysql machine running on fly io, using this is a go app on another fly io machine. This is running successfully. But when I create another machine with an app which is nearly identical to the first I cannot connect to the database.

It fails here in the second Go app…

I’ve tried connecting to the database using the fly proxy but that doesn’t seem to work.

Here are the logs of the failure

2024-07-05T21:54:37.360 app[48e2d9ef347168] lhr [info] Ping....
2024-07-05T21:54:37.360 app[48e2d9ef347168] lhr [info] 2024/07/05 21:54:37 dial tcp [fdaa:5:e607:a7b:125:e7ee:5456:2]:3600: connect: connection refused


Are the apps within the same organisation?

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