Cannot add credit card still?

I’ve seen a couple of unanswered posts about this.

I can’t deploy without adding a credit card, but the “Continue” button on the hobby_checkout page does nothing. A blue loading line appears across the top of the page and then disappears, but the page doesn’t change.

Also, I couldn’t post in this forum until I added a username and the only thing that triggered that screen was clicking on the site logo on the top left (when trying to do anything should really redirect you to the username entry form).

For others who have the problem I found a (hacky) solution.

Go to your dashboard, go into billing and click “Manage plan” and choose the Launch plan. It’ll ask you to add a credit card, and then after you do you can just not proceed with upgrading to this plan from the Hobby plan but instead go back to your dashboard and it should no longer prompt you to add a credit card. pls fix. Also, you’re welcome – I’ve just added a way for people to give you more money! Granted, you’re providing a good service, but if people can’t trial it properly they may never end up paying you.

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