Can someone help me setup a proxy server?

I’m trying to deploy a squid server, but I’m failing everytime.

Can you share your dockerfile and fly.toml, if that’s okay (or, better yet, is the code you’re trying to deploy open source / publicly share-able)?

Not really relevant, but see if you can figure out missing gaps in your knowledge by reading the code-bases of working Fly apps. Plenty examples in the Fly-Apps github org, here’s one for Redis. See also: Deploy Your Application via Dockerfile · Fly Docs

I’m using this, about fly.toml it’s kinda confusing to me. So I’m letting fly to create default toml file.

Whatever I try, I’m only getting Allocation error!

It takes getting used to, that’s for sure.

allocation error is a generic error. It must contain other nested error text within it (ex: A, B). Can you please share the complete error text you’re seeing?

A guess: The error may be due to app’s squid process not listening on ports Fly might be expecting it to (Fly doesn’t honour the EXPOSE directive in the dockerfile, the equivalent of it is declaring port in [[services]] section of an app’s fly.toml configuration) [0].

[0] Fly doesn’t run docker / runc images as-is; it transmorgifies it to run it in a Firecracker VM, and so, the way it currently is, is that a part of the configuration must live in a fly.toml horcrux.