Billing report per app

Can I get a report for compute and bandwidth on a per app base? If I run one app per tenant on my multi tenant service I need a way to know the total cost per tenant. Is this info available from your APIs or do I have to track it myself?

Ahhhh this slipped under the radar! You can get usage information from the api, and you can see a breakdown of usage here:

We are working on plans specifically for running multiple apps. We will be able to sell you dedicated hosts, basically, that you can cram as full of apps as you like. Our shared VMs are great for getting started.

The other option is just to run one app per customer. If you’re interested in doing this, let us know. We’re not quite where we want to be yet, but a big part of our future will be solving all the problems that come with running a bunch of apps for your own customers. :smiley: