Best Practices for connecting Fly apps to managed services

I’m building a Remix app and would love to deploy it with Fly since it’s so easy, and to lower latency to users around the world as much as possible.

The main blocker for me right now is not knowing how well Fly apps interact with managed services hosted on AWS and elsewhere. In particular I am planning to use Timescale hosted on AWS, but the same question would apply for any other external service.

Is there a doc with best practices for connecting to external services? For example, where the Fly datacenters are in relation to GCP/AWS/Azure/DO/Cloudflare datacenters, whether there’s any special network peering that can speed up the connection, etc.

If not I can just throw a connection string in there and hope for the best but I’m concerned this might lead to high latencies.

I don’t think there exists well-researched Fly-specific guidance. I’d imagine, the usual AWS/Azure/GCP connectivity best practices apply just the same for Fly apps and machines, since Fly, out of necessity, mucks mercilessly with ingress (60s timeouts for TCP, reduced MTU for UDP), not egress (at least not mercilessly).

PS You may find useful pointers if you search for threads on AWS/RDS, like in this recent one: + RDS & Elasticache