Basic NextJS app can't be deployed (even when following exact steps in getting started)

Hi everyone, I have trouble launching a very basic (almost skeleton) NextJS app.

I went through the steps here Run a NextJS App · Fly Docs but anytime I try to launch the app or use flyctl deploy it fails with the following error (please see the screenshot). Even after researching this particular error message, I haven’t found any useful answer.

I tried destroying and creating the app again but same error - context deadline exceeded.

Does anyone have hints on what am I missing?


Maybe try running

fly launch --verbose

To see if that gives any additional information?

Hi ties-v, thanks for a tip but even when I run the command with --verbose flag, it gives me the same error message without any additional information.

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Found an other one:

LOG_LEVEL=debug fly launch

Thanks ties-v, with this command, I’m getting the following results

It goes on infinitely.

Can you try deleting the builder and try again?

Hy ZoOmZoOm, I did so multiple times but the error is all the same.