Bandwidth pricing

Hi all! I run GeoJS, a free geo-location lookup API. It currently runs on 3 distributed VMs routed via Route53 all sitting behind Cloudflare. I’m currently toying with the idea of migrating the setup to fly but am trying to get an idea of pricing.

I understand fly charges different bandwidth prices per region (which is completely acceptable!). I’m confused whether the bandwidth cost is determined by where the app is running vs where the request comes in from however. For example if my app is running somewhere in Europe but the request comes from Australia, does that requests bandwidth cost get tagged as Oceania traffic or European traffic?

To give you an idea of costs, in the last 30 days GeoJS has served 2.63 TB of traffic spread over 1.99B requests. The last 24 hours breakdown of traffic from my Cloudflare UI is this:

GeoJS runs out of my pocket (I don’t charge anyone for it) so keeping costs to a minimum is a priority :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!