Balanced autoscaling with pinned instances

I’d like to have at least 1 permanent VM essentially on each continent, so I’ve added 5 disparate regions and set my min=5

I’d also like to be able to scale up near the traffic. ie. If it’s 3am in Australia and 1pm in New York, then I probably don’t need more than 1 in Australia but may need 3 in New York.

Balanced autoscaling seems nearly what I want, but after I left my test app running for a day I was surprised to find all of my instances had located themselves to the same region (and worse I couldn’t reset the placement without first scaling all the way back to 0)

Do you have any advice to help for my use-case?

I’d even settle for implementing my own scaling, but it doesn’t seem possible to scale region counts independently, short of defining 1 app per region and reverting to Geo DNS to route towards them.

Much appreciated, and love the service!

+1 for this use case