Autoscaling amount of memory?

Hi all, sorry in advance for bad English. could somebody please tell me if there is a way to auto scale the amount of RAM of a machine based on the result of using this memory?
The thing is, my application’s RAM usage every hour or 30 minutes changes from 200~ to 1gb for a minute and then back to 200~ram (as intended). Right now my application is logged at 1500RAM ~~. For 1500RAM I pay every second like a 1GB machine, i tried to read the docs about auto-scaling but for me it is really confusing. it would be great if there is an option to pay like a 1GB machine only when it needs 1GB RAM and the rest of the time pay for 200 ram. Thanks for any help in understanding auto-scaling system.

Currently no.

Why does the memory consumption fluctuate over time? If it depends on customer inputs (e.g. process customer-uploaded videos and some of them are large), you can provision right-sized “workers” by utilizing Machines API.

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Hello, thank you for your response. It is crawl app that checks the site ever hours or so. Puppeter use chromium so it opens the browser when time comes and then close it after 1 minute work.