Attach/Use Config File for APp

I read through the docs and did some research in this forum and from what I gather the only way to pass configuration to an app is via environmental variables.

I have an app that has a separate config file (YAML) that I need to use to configure the app to run. Providing ENVARS is extremely difficult; there are over 100 key-value fields in the config file!

Is using ENVARS really the only way to configure a fly app?

hey there–

using environment variables is the only way to dinamically configure an app. Ie: change its behavior without the need to redeploy it.

There’s nothing preventing you from embedding this config file on your docker image and deploying it along with your app - then the app can just read it. Almost every app ends up having both dynamic and “static” configurations.

Does that make sense?

Got it, thanks. Not ideal, but I will have to try to work with building the image myself.

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