Best practices for JSON runtime configuration?

My app uses a simple JSON config file. I could bake it into the docker image, but it has some secret information. There seem to be a couple ways I could handle this, and I wonder if there are any tradeoffs I’m missing.

It looks like the simplest would be to use the [[files]] section of the fly configuration. Is there any problem doing this for confidential information? Based on the fact that secret_name exists I’m guessing no.

I could also cram the whole thing (potentially base64 encoded) into a fly secret as suggested here, but that feels a bit hacky and would require changes to my docker image.

Anything I’m missing?

The main one that comes to mind is using an encrypted file (in [[files]]) and then sending only the key in Fly secrets.

That would likely still require changes to your Docker image, but it would fix the “feels hacky” part.

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