Are outbound requests sent from the instance's public IP?


Our instance public IP is 213.188.198.xx but when I hit curl it returns :thinking:

Is it possible to route outgoing requests from the instance’s public IP, or have fixed outbound IP?

It will would be of the great help with setting up firewall rules :smiley:

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Unfortunately no. So that’s not possible:

Sample request thread:

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Understood. For our scale setting up a WireGuard tunnel is a bit of a configuration overhead, but I guess that’s the way to go.

@greg can I have a network so that I can at least temporary narrow down rule to the block instead of whole internet :sweat_smile: ?

Alas … no. At least based on this thread. Check the replies from Jerome and Thomas:

The closest thing would be to request the IPs a region uses. So if your app is in ams, you could get its current IP range. However the rather big flaw in that plan is that those IPs may change at any moment. See:

Can something like this be configured ? If so, could you suggest the best way to do it. Thanks