archlinux-based image doesn't build

I’m trying to deploy a first application which is docker based on archlinux image.

But it fails to build remotely:

PS C:\Users\kjk\src\sumatraonline> fly deploy --build-only --remote-only --verbose --dockerfile .\Dockerfile2.dockerfile

==> Verifying app config
--> Verified app config
==> Building image
Remote builder fly-builder-bold-hill-2154 ready
==> Creating build context
--> Creating build context done
==> Building image with Docker
--> docker host: 20.10.12 linux x86_64
[+] Building 27.9s (0/1)
[+] Building 1.4s (5/5) FINISHED
 => [internal] load remote build context                                                                           0.0s
 => copy /context /                                                                                                0.7s
 => [internal] load metadata for                                                0.3s
 => CACHED [1/2] FROM  0.0s
 => ERROR [2/2] RUN pacman -Sy && pacman -S --noconfirm go nodejs npm                                              0.4s
 > [2/2] RUN pacman -Sy && pacman -S --noconfirm go nodejs npm:
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: error building: executor failed running [/bin/sh -c pacman -Sy && pacman -S --noconfirm go nodejs npm]: exit code: 139

The image builds locally with latest Docker Desktop on Windows.

This is obviously not my real dockerfile, but this minimized Dockerfile2.dockerfile has the same problem:

FROM archlinux
RUN pacman -Sy && pacman -S --noconfirm go nodejs npm

CMD ["go", "version"]

It looks like builder chokes on something when running pacman command inside the Dockerfile

Any ideas what’s wrong / how to fix it?

I can build it locally but it’s ~2 GB image so the upload takes forever.