Application randomly migrated region

My application was deployed to SIN for a few months, however today I noticed that now, it’s in India (MAA), how can I force it back to Singapore? MAA is a lot worse for me in terms of latency

Okay well I just re-deployed and it’s SIN now. But how can I prevent my app from randomly migrating in the future?

Fly may move apps depending on load and capacity. You can see what regions your app may run in using:

fly regions list

You will see preferred regions and then, possibly, backup regions. You can set those to whatever you want using

fly regions set ...

So you could set the app so its only region is SIN.

The other thing you could do is add a volume in SIN, as that used to pin it to a region. Not sure if that’s still the case but it was a trick to enforce a region.