Application not reachable on either ipv4 or ipv6


My application is currently down and not reachable on either IPv4 or IPv6.
I have seen the ongoing issue related to IPv6, but does this issue also affect IPv4 or should I do something to fix this?

Seems that it’s actually SSL handshake that fails. Anything new happened there the last weeks I need to configure/fix?

Edit 2:
I think I found the issue. I moved to Cloudflare a while back, but I did add the CNAME _acme-challenge. Probably my cert expired today and it didnt manage to renew.
I have now added the _acme-challenge, hopefully this fixes it.


Sadly yes, Cloudflare DNS (with an orange-cloud aka proxy record) breaks the verification check on the domain itself. Adding the acme record (as long as that one is grey-cloud) should mean the certificate can be issued.

Having said that, that would only apply to using a custom domain. The doesn’t go via Cloudflare and so should not be affected by your SSL certificate. If isn’t working, that would suggest another issue with the app/IPs.

I got it up again now(phew).
It was as you said, the proxie that caused it.

My steps to fix this was:

  • Disable cloudflare proxy(gray-only)
  • Add _acme-challenge cname (not sure if this was needed?)
  • Remove/add cert (not sure if this was needed)

Now the site is up again.

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