App stuck on pending with no instances

I’ve been running a pihole app for a week or so but yesterday it stopped working and got stuck in a pending state forever.
I already tried scaling to 0 and scaling again, and tried running on a dedicated cpu, neither worked.

Here’s the details of the fly status command:

Does anyone knows what can do i do force this instance to get killed and restarted again?

Hi jmbrito, I took a quick look at on our backend it looks like there is currently an instance running v27 of the app, and the instance from the screenshot is gone. I’m hoping this means you are now unblocked.

Let us know if that’s not the case!

Hi tvdfly, thanks for the answer.

Yes, got it back to work at 2022-10-24T22:20:33.705.

For some reason it got stuck for a day but recovered after that automatically. Still wondering was could have caused this…