App stoped working 522 error

my app senalador has completely stopped working :frowning:

probably due to a expired certificate

the app seems to be running just fine under the domain

looks like your app’s CPU is overloaded and the response become late. Is it having many connections in the same time? Try to reduce it as the hint they given

the app is not accepting any connections at the moment

i went ahead and removed cloudflare DNS service and now i get Server not found
the Certificate had apparently expired so i renewed it as well and it is verified now

how come the Certificates don’t autorenew ?

As I just searched that this error is from Cloudflare. are currently support assigning their certificate also. Try to remove certificate from Cloudflare and try again. If the issue still here, try to switch to another nameserver provider if possible

i have already removed it. the traffic is not going through cloudflare anymore

Your domain is missing an A record to route traffic to your app. You need to add a “grey cloud” DNS record pointing to your app’s IPv4 address (which you can find with fly ips list -a senalador) to be able to access the domain from your computer.

thanks lillian!

it appears that adding the A record fixed my problem

i am sorry but the website is down again :frowning:


I’ve had some issues with Cloudflare in the past and as @lillian says, you will want to keep the record grey-cloud (aka non-proxied) to avoid its IP being returned for certificate validation (there are ways around that if you need to use their proxy, but it certainly makes life simpler not to).

Assuming the record is still grey-cloud, that shouldn’t be the issue any more. I’d check your logs via fly logs to check for errors that would result in the website being down, or even requests arriving at it.

If the logs show no issues, check your CPU load/memory is stable The dashboard shows some kind of metrics. If either are overloaded, you may need a VM with bigger CPU or more RAM. Even temporarily. See if that helps. If not you should be able to downsize.

hi greg

thanks for your detailed response :slight_smile:
the website seems to be up and running now. i haven’t changed anything maybe it was a temporary DNS thing

i am not using cloudflare anymore but i think adding the A record did help
i also increased my memory a bit just in case although i don’t see how the memory would have anything to do with this problem since the requests never reached the app and therefore leave no traces in the logs

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