App status shows pending on dashboard

My app went down for a while and the status showed pending. I have no clue of figuring our why this happened. The rest of the apps in that account were RUNNING.

Is there a way to narrow down on an incident and know what caused an ‘outage’?

I scaled up which caused a deployment to be started which launched a new running instance but this doesn’t sound like a solution since I have no way of knowing what caused the app to ‘crash’.

Emailing support suggested a post here for technical assistance.

We are performing maintenance on individual hosts right now, if your app was running one instance it likely needed to migrate to a new host: Status - Host kernel upgrades

If you are running an app that needs to stay up, you should always run with at least two instances (fly scale count 2). This will prevent downtime when an underlying host goes down.

Rescheduling a single VM will ultimately work, but it could take several minutes.



Subscribed to incident status reports and also scaled to 2 instances. Looks good.

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