App Disk showing nearly full in new UI

The new UI shows my app disks as full 10GB/10GB while du -sh /data on my machine is only showing 2.7G usage.

Is the new UI wrong or is there a better way to check disk usage?

I have the same issue. UI shows that postgres volume is nearly full 14.3 out of 15, but filesystem says 5.7 out of 15.


UI got me scared, I was afraid of db crash

Would be great to get a response. This discrepancy is bothering

This is something we need to remove from the UI. The UI is showing “blocks that have been written to, ever”, not the actual file system space in use. We can’t actually see the filesystem usage from outside your VMs. What the vm reports internally is what you should trust, especially if there’s some turnover of data.

It’s definitely confusing, sorry about that.

@kurt thanks for the reply. Is it possible to set an alert for running out of space? Or to track it somehow?

If people were billed by their used blocks and not based on the reserved space, they’d be motivated to fstrim / mount -o discard, and the metric would be useful again!