Any CQRS/Event Sourcing Frameworks based on PostgreSQL Clusters?

The talk by Mark Ericksen @brainlid Globally Distributed Elixir Apps on shows interesting parallels to what applications do also which apply Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Streaming (ES) paradigms.
Actually, CQRS already separates the database reads from the writes, and ES also deals with eventual consistency. Thus, by design, they separate Event store (writes) and List store (reads) quasi a the “application level” already which could facilitate an integration with Fly’s Postgres cluster.

Has anyone tried to map any CQRS/ES framework to the PostgreSQL Cluster, for ex. using Fly Postgres?

We work on two Single Page Web applications that are both based on the CQRS/ES framework “”. Currently, the apps and the framework are all written in JavaScript and Node.js. They will be launched as Software-as-a-Service on some container platform on a public cloud. looks like a good candidate for these uses case, even more so if there would already be a CQRS/ES framework which already offers a tighter integration with Fly’s Postgres cluster.