Aliases for apps

I currently rely on the auto generated name for apps as it is easier to ensure that the name is unique. However, I find it sometimes difficult to determine which app is which from the dashboard when all of the names are random. Is it currently possible to set aliases for apps?

I don’t believe it’s possible, the first thing Fly does is look for the application name in your fly.toml which it also uses to create the host name of your application so that always has to remain unique; I think you’ll just need to do this step manually if you’re running into the issue of duplicate names. Out of interest, why are you unable to assign unique relevant names to your apps?

Even if you could do aliases, you’d just have a list of the same names which you’d need to intuitively know which one you want to look at it; if you’re happy with that I suppose you can just append a timestamp to all your app names.

I’m referring to an alias or tag that is only used for identifying an app in the UI (or CLI, I guess as well). Say for instance, I have two apps:

  • long-island-321
  • secret-sauce-403

From a UX perspective, it’s difficult to glance at those two identifiers and understand which app is which. This gets worse when you have tens or hundreds of apps deployed. Having some sort of user-defined alias or tag would help a lot here. Taking the above example:

  • long-island-321 being assigned the alias/tag Super Secret Blog
  • secret-sauce-403 being assigned the alias tag Passive SaaS

Hopefully that provides some clarity.