ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError on fly deploy

I have an rails application deployed on flyio. I recently moved my application to new organization and now on deploying, I am getting the below error. Any suggestions on how can I fix this issue. My database app resides in another organization.

ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError: We could not find your database: snaply. Which can be found in the database configuration file located at config/database.yml.
  To resolve this issue:
  - Did you create the database for this app, or delete it? You may need to create your database.
  - Has the database name changed? Check your database.yml config has the correct database name.
  To create your database, run:
          bin/rails db:create

Where is your database? If it is postgres and in the original organization, did you try to move it too?

I am unable to move it as flyio doesn’t support moving postgres apps

Not my area of expertise, but you likely need to backup your database and restore it into a new one. Some links that may be helpful:

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