My app stopped working, seems like it can't find my postgres

I’ve been searching around the questions here but I don’t see anyone getting an answer that helped me, so I’m asking directly - did something change recently at Fly that I missed? My app no longer works because it can’t seem to find my postgres app. I haven’t changed anything in months. I kind of use this app as a “set it and forget it,” emphasis on forget it, because I have to re-learn the Fly ecosystem every few months. :frowning:

Does anyone know what this means? App names are klubhowse and klubhowse-db (Rails and postgres respectively)

Thanks in advance

ActiveRecord::NoDatabaseError (could not translate host name "top2.nearest.of.klubhowse-db.internal" to address: No address associated with hostname

We found an issue on DNS and deployed a fix:

Thanks for reporting too!

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